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Spider books beyond science

Here you are: a ready-made search for the unusual spider books published by Rainar Nitzsche Verlag (in German) available at German Amazon!

Production contains both scientific works (about nuptial gift of the nursery web spider Pisaura mirabilis), photo art, prose, and interesting facts about arachnophobia, poisonous spiders, and spiders in culture, mythology, literature, films, art, stamps, toys, food – and anything between earth and heaven!

For more information about books, see Rainar Fitzsche Verlag!

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Another Jumping Spider (via Bug Shots)

Another Jumping Spider I've seen quite a few of these small jumping spiders (Family Salticidae) around lately, and I came across this specimen on a window frame near a constant parade of ants.  I find these day light hunters quite easy to spot,  but they can spook if you get too close too quickly.  They are beautiful to watch as they stalk around leaves looking for prey.  I'm not quite sure what the species is, but I see this particular type of spider regularly and sus … Read More

via Bug Shots

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Jumping spiders (via Spider Friends)

Jumping spiders These guys are fun…jumping spiders. … Read More

via Spider Friends

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Transparent green spider (via Think twice)

Transparent green spider In the forests of Papua New Guinea it is thought that there are thousands of plants and animals which have never been seen by human eyes. Recently a new kind of spider was discovered, a green jumping spider. In fact it is so new to humans that it doesn't yet have a name. It is thought to belong to the Orthrus group of jumping spiders. There were only … Read More

via Think twice

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Spider mimics in lepidoptera (via Cheshire)

Spider mimics in lepidoptera One of the coolest adaptions insects use to survive is when they try to look like something else in order to fool predators into not eating them. Normally, they look like something which tastes bad or a group of harmful species mimic each other to spread that blanket of protection. Occasionally, though, some take a different path: they might mimic something which isn't eaten by their predators and screw with the search image to avoid detection. B … Read More

via Cheshire

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My first jumping spider (via Beetles In The Bush)

My first jumping spider As a long-time professional and avocational entomologist, I find beauty and fascination in all manner of joint-legged creatures. Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and most people don't exactly share my passion for these animals. Sure, butterflies enjoy almost universal approval, but beetles are just too crunchy, flies too filthy, wasps too aggressive, and cockroaches… well, eww! Even crabs and lobsters, tasty as they are, just mo … Read More

via Beetles In The Bush

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Jumping spiders can see UVB! – Paper in Current Biology (via The Biodiversity crew @ NUS)

Jumping spiders can see UVB! - Paper in Current Biology Photo by Li Daiqin. Li, J., Z. Zhang, F. Liu, Q. Liu, W. Gan, J. Chen, Matthew L.M. Lim, Daiqin Li, 2008. UVB-Based Mate-Choice Cues Used by Females of the Jumping Spider Phintella vittata. Current Biology, doi:10.1016/j.cub.2008.04.020 'While several insects, crustaceans, birds, fish and mammals can see ultraviolet A light, no animal was thought to be able to perceive UVB because their eyes do not appear capable of detecting this wavelength. Cur … Read More

via The Biodiversity crew @ NUS

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[Norwegian spider forum] norsk edderkoppforum (via litt av hvert)

Splendid mine of information on Northern European spiders – by Annie Antonsen and Glenn Halvor Morka!

norsk edderkoppforum Endelig har vi fått et norsk edderkoppforum hvor vi kan dele kunnskap og erfaringer. Glenn Halvor Morka har opprettet siden Edderkoppkrokens forum, og det blir spennende å se hvor stor aktiviteten blir.  Glenn har etter hvert fått et godt kontaktnett med meget dyktige araknologer og hobbyaraknologer, og sjansen for å få gode svar på vanskelige spørsmål, enten fra Glenn eller andre,  er stor. Enten du er en ivrig edderkoppentusiast eller føler en … Read More

via litt av hvert

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[Dot key for Araniella species by Magne Farlund] punkt-nøkkel (via mine edderkopper)

punkt-nøkkel Punkt-nøkkel for Araniella-arter   Tyskeren Peter Sacher har jobbet med et prosjekt for å kunne artsbestemme flere Araniella-arter på bakgrunn av sorte punkter eller punktpar dorsalt på bakkroppen. Antall edderkopper som inngår i materialet, et materiale som er samlet inn fra ulike regioner i Europa, Nord-Amerika og Asia, er 1093. Disse fordeler seg som følger:  Araniella inconspicua (n = 20)* A. alpica (n = 57) A. proxima (n = 52)* A. displicata … Read More

via mine edderkopper

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